Plastic business cards by Pinkard: winning image x your business

Pinkard, the new brand for Pinkograf, is style. Pinkard loves new ideas, new materials, new challenges.

First of all we want that you know that we love the business cards, and our goal is to realize the best business cards.
We are not too youngs! All of us has years and years of experience. Who in printing, who in graphic design, who in photography, who in other range referring to our business. But we have always new young collaborators because it’s important to be “pioneer” in the vanguard.

We are a multilevel staff. We start from the basic work and put together the experiences, the ideas, and all crazier fantasies of our staff. If we are walking on the street, in a new city or in a new state, we like to speak with the people and each interesting idea coming from “the people” is valuable. Why? Because is from a simple thing that can born a special thing. The base is one, the multiple mix of arts and experiences create….. amazing business cards.
You can verify our words. It’s enough to have a look at our website. There we show actual photos of our business cards. Not mock up, not photomontage as the most part of our competitors.
We are so sure of our products, that we are not afraid of anything. Each confront is a pleasure!

metal steel business cards, laser cut + laser engraving + printing
metal steel business cards laser cut + laser engraving + printing

birch wood business cards laser cut + laser engraving